Week of 4/2/2018

Posted by Barbara Barszcz on 4/2/2018 9:00:00 AM

Good Morning everyone,

Welcome to the month of April!  We hope you all had a Blessed Easter. This week we will be using comparison symbols in math for greater than>, less than <, and equal to = .  We will be identifying liquid measure; cup, half gallon, gallon, and liter.  We will also learn 4 of the last eight math facts. We have told the children not to throw out their flash cards when school lets out but to continue to study them over the summer. It will only benefit them for next year's fact quizzes. In reading we will begin Book 5 which is the last book in our series. We will introduce Imperative Sentences (commands), dipthongs ou and ow, and final syllable -le.  We will continue to work on adjectives, nouns, verbs, syllabication and synomyms.  In science we will work on clouds and do an experiment to show what happens to clouds when they are full. In religion we will learn about the forty days Jesus was here on Earth after he rose from the dead.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Barszcz and Mrs. Colton