Students win Genes in Space Contest!

genes in space Students Win Genes in Space Contest!

In March, Mrs. Pomeroy, our middle school science teacher, presented an opportunity for our 8th graders to take part in the national Genes in Space 2018 contest.  This contest challenges students from around the country to design an original DNA experiment that addresses real-life challenges and opportunities of space exploration. Genes in Space is a national contest open to students in middle school and high school.  Students were invited to design a DNA experiment that could be performed on the International Space Station. Proposals are judged solely on their creative and scientific merit.  

Eight of our 8th grade students (Graham Speidel, Max Sperry, Catherine Terelak, Emma Perry, Lindsey Gannon, Aria Rahimi, Josh Berube, Abby Booth)  formed a team and worked with Mrs. Pomeroy for weeks during recess, before, and after school.  Additionally, Mr. McFarland, a bio-tech veteran, offered assistance and guidance to the team. 

The 8th grade students at The Saints Academy engineered a study in the field of bio-engineering addressing the question, "Can living organisms help us colonize new worlds?" They investigated whether plants that typically are not drought-resistant could become drought -resistant through gene manipulation.  The students isolated the gene responsible for regulating the opening and closing of the guard cells inside the stoma.  This discovery could be used to modify the process of transpiration in a plant cell.  The significance of the study has far reaching implications.  The demands for usable water are increasing, but the availability of clean water is decreasing due to Global warming and changes in environment.  Pretty impressive stuff!!

How incredible!!!!!   We are so unbelievably proud of the work and effort that Graham, Joshua, Lindsey, Catherine, Aria, Max, Abby, and Emma put into this project.  To stand out nationally for the quality of their work speaks volumes of their commitment, the wonderful support of Mrs. Pomeroy, Mr. McFarland, their parents, and the whole Saints Academy Community!  Congratulations to all of you!!!