Updated Covid Guidelines

Posted by Amy Burke on 9/27/2022

Saints Academy Families:

We have had many children complain about sore throats, stomach aches, allergies/cold symptoms, as well as some Covid cases in the past couple of weeks and wanted to include some information for your reference. In August 2022, the DPH updated their Covid-19 Isolation period. We have included a chart and current DESE/DPH Protocols (attached).

Please keep us informed of any changes that could impact your child's mental and/or physical health. Our goal is to keep our student's safe, healthy, and ready to learn. We appreciate your efforts in keeping your children home from school if they are sick. 

You will be able to reference these materials on the Nurse's Blog later today: https://www.saintsacademy.org/domain/126

Thank you and please call with any questions or concerns.

In good health,

Kelly Gray, RN

Sian Jones, RN