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Genes In Space Competition 2023

Genes In Space Enrichment Challenge!
Genes In Space is a National Competition sponsored by NASA and miniPCR for students in grades 7 through 12. Students must design DNA experiments that address a challenge in space exploration. Mrs. Pomeroy continues to mentor Saints students who are interested in entering the competition. This year, students in 8th grade probed the questions:
Is There Evidence of Air-Borne E.coli on the ISS?
Does Microgravity Affect Amylase Production and the Ability to Digest Carbohydrates?
Students in 7th grade probed the questions:
Can Exposure to Too Much Radiation on the ISS Affect T-Cells in the Human Immune System?
Will Adding A Higher Intake of Vitamin D and Iron to the diet Stop "Space Anemia"?
We are proud of the excellent work our students have done this year!