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    Math Class Guidelines



    -          Gradebookwizard.com is the on-line tool for parents and students to check their grade and/or progress during the quarter.  Automatic messages are sent to parents via email and through GBW messaging if they are absent/incomplete/missing an assignment when I post the grades. 

    -          Breakdown of grade by percent:

    o   Tests/Projects are worth 45%

    o   Quizzes are worth 25%

    o   Classwork/homework is worth 30%



    -          Homework assignments are posted on the Saints Academy website everyday they have homework assigned.  There are times when homework is not given, mostly on long block days.

    o   6th long block day – Tuesday and no class on Friday

    o   7th long block day – Wednesday and no class on Tuesday (Hexagons) and Friday (Pentagons)

    o   8th long block day – Thursday and no class on Wednesday


    -          Homework is expected to be done when assigned.  It is a vital piece to their success in the math program. 


    -          10 points are taken off every day that it is late and after 3 days completed homework will be given a passed-in grade (31%)


    -          I am available every morning before school unless I have a meeting.  Students can just pop in for questions.

    -          I am also available every lunch recess and after school in the cafeteria.

    -          Email – rfears@saintsacademy.org

    -          Phone – 978-922-0048