The Saints Academy Band Program

    Students in Grades 3-8 may participate in the after school band program.  Band lessons are held on Wednesdays after school. 

    Dear Parents and Musicians:

    Thank you for your participation in the instrumental music program. Experienced musicians are preparing for the Christmas concert and beginners are rapidly learning the basics. Please note that beginners do not participate in the Christmas Concert. Please remember that home practice requires parental encouragement. Students should be practicing for a minimum of 20 minutes, 4 times a week. Your support has been tremendous. Have a great holiday season.

    1. Coming Attractions: Progress reports, Honor Band invitations, Christmas Concert, and Beginner Band.

    2. Lesson Fees:  TBD 


    Students should be picked up immediately following their scheduled lesson. If there is no school, there are no lessons.

    All instruction is on Wednesday

Honor Band

  • Every year, Paul Effman Music Directors, select their top band students from each of the schools they serve to come together for a unique and very enriching musical experience. Congratulations to our students who were selected to participate in Honor Band this year! Students are pictured with Mr. Woodard, Director of The Saints Academy Band.

    honor band  honor band1  honor band 3