Parent Testimonials

  • "I can't say enough good things about Saints Academy. My husband and I always say it was the best decision we ever made. For us it meant so much to know that our children are learning respect, kindness, and empathy in addition to their conventional academics. The community of teachers, staff, families, and students is wonderful and supportive. We are so lucky to have this opportunity in our community".  ~ Jennifer Fluckiger P '

  • "My three kids attended (formerly St John) pre-k through 8th grade. I can say 💯% that the spiritual, emotional and educational foundation that was provided to my children was hands down an exceptional foundation for high school and beyond success. My children are now grown and I am proud of the man and women they have become".  ~Annie Townsend P '10, '12, '14 

    "Absolutely the best experience we had for my boys. My son Andrew and Joe wouldn’t have been so prepared for high school if it wasn’t for The Saints Academy.  Total family atmosphere and the faith based program keeps the children grounded and humble for their future
    My boys still have connections with the people from there.  Highly recommend". ~ Lisa Palazzo P '11,  
    "An extremely positive experience for my two children who attended the Saint’s Academy for middle school. A solid foundation was established while they were at Saint’s Academy. They were fully prepared for high school and continued to excel academically in their high school education".  Pamela Murray P '12, '12