• Art class will (for now)l be a bit different from years past. My current plan is to travel from classroom to classroom to deliver my art lessons, since having all the students rotate through my room would be an unnecessary risk. 

    I will try my best to have fun lessons within their own classrooms and could use a little assistance from you all. The need to limit the sharing of materials is obvious during these current times and I don't have enough supplies for every student to have their own of every item. 

    That being said I do still want to have the student experiment with lots of different art materials so I have created a list of art supplies I would love each student to bring to school this year. My hope is they can keep them in a labeled shoebox in their classroom. Also, if any of the supplies are already on a list provided by their classroom teacher, you do not need to buy another one, they can just use them for both school and art. Although, feel free to get a second set just for art if you choose to do so. I will put my recommended brands etc, but they are just suggestions of ones I feel are best quality and reasonably priced. 

    In the event we have to move to remote learning during the year, students can bring their supplies box home and I will provide virtual lessons using these same materials during that time.

    If you have any questions, please email me.

    Kim Andersen


    SA Art Teacher