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Thank you to all our incredible sponsors, attendees and generous donors for making Auction 2024 an unforgettable night!  Your support truly made a difference! Our staff, faculty and students thank you!

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Help Us Fund Our Dream!

If you missed out on our auction you can still help us turn our dream into reality by donating to Fund a Dream!  This year, we're focusing on enhancing our inside spaces with three new areas: upgread our media room for all students, a middle school lounge and a staff lounge.  Your contribution will make a huge difference in creating these enriching spaces.  Join us in making our dream come true - donate today!

Thank you for your generous donation to Sponsor a Teacher/Staff Ticket to the Auction!

The Baker Family
Cardenio Consulting
The Carrigan Family
The Egizi Family
The Fluckiger Family
The Godfrey Family
The Goss Family
The O'Hare Family
The Kersten Family
The Kulig Family
The Lai Family
The Luther Family
The Mabey Family
The Oliver Family
Jessica and Joshua Palmer 
The O'Riordan Family
The Robinson Family
The Rouine Family
Dr. & Mrs. Schwartz 
The Swanson Family
The Sweatman Family 



Auction 2024 Sponsors Thank You!
The Pastor’s Circle
Paul & Amy Roberts
The Principal's Circle
Dan & Emily Adamson
Cardenio Consulting
John Hackett
James & Donna Kulig
William & Deborah Moore Lai Stephanie Moio
David & Jessica Ranford
Ryan & Leslie Reed
Chad & Jenny Robinson
Michael & Deborah Rouine
Sal & Andrea Russello
The Educator’s Circle
Mike & Kay Eisenstein
Matt & Catherine Lampert
VJ & Paula Occhino
The Friend’s Circle
Mike & Sara Barnum
Caitlin Macauley & Michael Cullivan
Melanie Giles
Bradford & Natalie Lebeau
Tom & Joan O’Hare 

First page of the PDF file: AuctionBrochure2024

Auction Guest List as of 4/23/24

Emma Afflitto
Kim & Rob Andersen
Keith & Allanah Bachman
Kevin & Katie Baker

Chris and Eileen Bergin
Eileen & Jeff Bonner
Eric & Bridget Bouchard
Courtney & Toby Bradford
Amy Burke
Rain and Kevin Burns
Stacey & Paul Clarimundo
Alicia & Ryan Carrigan

Mike and Sue Collins
Mike Cregg
Dan Crowley
Caitlin Macauley & Michael Cullivan
Maria Cunningham

Clinton & Nicole Dalton
Everett & Kim Dawkins
Joan Dolan
Katie Daly 
Mike & Kay Eisenstein
Kelly Fernald
Tom & Holly Gately
Jen & Chris Gauthier
Melanie Giles
Patrick & Hannah Godfrey
Francisco Gonzalez
Sarah Goodhue
Scott & Dawn Mertineit Goss
Jennifer & Ryan Greene
Sara Guido
Nick Guido
Robin and Rick Gurdak Foley
John Hackett
Liz Hackett
Karen Hackett
Maggie Hackett

Ryan & Joanna Hewitt

Christopher & Tanya Hoffman
Ciaran & Amanda Hynes
Eric and Ginny Johnson
Sarah Judge
Kim Kalayjian
Donna and James Kulig
Anne Knapp
Bradford & Natalie Lebeaux
Megan & Alex Lucido 
Eva and Alex Luther
Eric Mackin and Mireille Coyle
Dennis & Heather Matulewicz
Katie Mazzeo
Cathy & John McGrath

Lauren & Stephen Messinger
Fr. David Michael
Liz & Tom Micka
Stephanie Moio & Mike Johnson
Adrienne & Will Monks
DJ and Grace Napolitano
Melissa & Eric Nowak
Stephen & Michelle Oliver 
Melanie Wilcox and Gary Ostler
Jeanne Pagliarulo

Jessica and Joshua Palmer
Christina & Brian Pescatore 
Linda Murphy & Rob Pfischner
Megan Pobiedzinski
Paula Pobiedzinski
Marilu Pomeroy
Steve & Steph Rainville
David & Jessica Ranford
Ryan & Leslie Reed
Paul & Amy Roberts
Chad & Jenny Robinson

David & Michelle Roccio 
Ann & Ben Schwartz
Krista & Rob Skinner
Danielle & Scott Spencer
Laura & Matt Spurchise
Ralph & Laura Swanson
Lauren & Chris Sweatman
Kristy and Terry Waldron
Laura and Matt Walsh
Fr Paul Wargovich

Monica Ziolkowski


Click on the 2024 Auction Book to view!
First page of the PDF file: Auction2024BookFinal