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Parent Testimonials

We have been a part of the SJS/Saints Academy family for 20 years with one more to go. Three of our kids have graduated and the last will graduate in 2023. Our kids have been prepared the best way possible at SJS/Saints: academically, spiritually, athletically, artistically, emotionally and socially. The foundation they each received has set them up for success in high school, college and beyond. The eldest has graduated from college with a dual Business/Spanish degree and owns his own company. Our daughter is half way through college, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our son graduated from high school and is attending college this year to study Interior Design. The youngest has just started her second year of middle school at SA where she has absolutely flourished. She is a member of the Student Council, the cross country and basketball teams, as well as the ski club. SJS/Saints Academy is the best decision we made and the best money we ever spent. ~Tom & Joan O’Hare 

"I can't say enough good things about Saints Academy. My husband and I always say it was the best decision we ever made. For us it meant so much to know that our children are learning respect, kindness, and empathy in addition to their conventional academics. The community of teachers, staff, families, and students is wonderful and supportive. We are so lucky to have this opportunity in our community".  ~ Jennifer Fluckiger P '

"My three kids attended (formerly St John) pre-k through 8th grade. I can say 100% that the spiritual, emotional and educational foundation that was provided to my children was hands down an exceptional foundation for high school and beyond success. My children are now grown and I am proud of the man and women they have become".  ~Annie Townsend P '10, '12, '14 

"Absolutely the best experience we had for my boys. My son Andrew and Joe wouldn’t have been so prepared for high school if it wasn’t for The Saints Academy.  Total family atmosphere and the faith based program keeps the children grounded and humble for their future.  My boys still have connections with the people from there.  Highly recommend". ~ Lisa Palazzo P '11,     "An extremely positive experience for my two children who attended the Saint’s Academy for middle school. A solid foundation was established while they were at Saint’s Academy. They were fully prepared for high school and continued to excel academically in their high school education".  Pamela Murray P '12, '12        

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Parent Testimonial Shawna Erps

In the weeks leading up to middle school graduation, Aidan would often (and seemingly spontaneously but with deep reflection) tell a story of something that occurred months or even years prior. The topics ranged greatly - from funny cafeteria situations with fellow students to more serious topics like the English teacher who challenged him to think deeper in his writings, the science teacher who taught him that assumptions can be proven wrong, and the basketball coach who instilled the notion that losing a game while giving it your all is not failing, rather a lesson in civility and self-awareness. Four years later, as he now prepares to graduate high school, he has come to realize that these are more than just great stories, they shaped who he has become. The Saints Academy prepared Aidan for high school in so many ways – perhaps most significantly with instilling self-confidence and developing a high regard for community. Combined, these have guided his high school experience.
Starting freshman year, he became very involved in school activities and athletics, leading to roles in peer leadership, a multi-sport captain, and working with Bishop Fenwick to launch a YouTube channel to stream winter sports while covid restrictions prevented families from attending in person. He also became actively involved in many social and community service groups, including Best Buddies, Campus Ministry and a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. 

While we’ve admired how successful Aidan’s high school years have been, what doesn’t come as a surprise is that alongside him through all these experiences were classmates from The Saints Academy.  This fall, Aidan will be attending Xavier University, a Jesuit university in Cincinnati, Ohio. He will major in Marketing/Sports Management. 
Aidan Dwyer  The Saints Academy, class of ‘17 ~ Bishop Fenwick, class of ‘21 ~ Xavier University, class of ‘25

~John & Carrie Dwyer

My three children all attended The Saints Academy, formerly St. John the Evangelist from PreK through 8th grade! They received a wonderful foundation in Catholic education and philanthropy! All three went to different high schools: Pingree, St John’s Prep and Bishop Fenwick! They all played varsity sports in HS and two went on and played varsity sports in college! All three graduated college and my oldest, Amanda, is a HS teacher at Brooks School and is perusing her PhD in education at North Eastern University, Nicholas is finishing his 2nd year of medical school at Tufts and Jenny is finishing her MBA at Roger Williams University. All three children have volunteered their time in other countries and in the US helping their fellow man! Something they learned at the Saints Academy! Amanda worked for Teach for America and she brought so much of her SJS teaching and values to these students! Nicholas is on the board for Timmy Global Health and has made numerous trips to Guatemala! He and Jenny are fluent in Spanish and we attribute this to starting Spanish in Kindergarten at SJS! Jenny majored in both Spanish and Business in college! She has traveled to Spain, Morocco and Portugal in college and is heading to Chile this March as part of her MBA and she is thrilled she knows Spanish! My husband and I and our children made life-long friends who share our values of hard work, faith and helping our fellow man! The school teaches children a rigorous education-that helps them gain confidence and self-reliance on learning! They learn how to learn and this makes them successful! The sports and performing arts are just enough to keep the curriculum well rounded and the students learn respect, resilience, and how to be part of a community! My husband and I attribute our children’s success in life to the foundational education they received at The Saints Academy and we are honored to have been a part of this school! It is the best investment we ever made as we got a lifetime of happiness back from this wonderful institution!