• Memorial and Tribute Giving Opportunities


    Remembering Our Loved Ones

    A wise person once said, “Flowers are for the living.  Memorials should be eternal.”

    Honoring a loved one, living or deceased, through a charitable gift is an especially meaningful way of paying tribute to family members and friends who have been such an important part of your life.  Memorial and tribute gifts offer a unique alternative to traditional expressions of sympathy or well wishes.

    Memorial and tribute giving at The Saints Academy is an exceptional giving opportunity that honors those special relationships and, at the same time, makes a difference in the lives of a Saints Academy student.

    While you may use the Memorial and Tribute Giving Program to remember loved ones who have passed away, it is also a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to someone by honoring a special occasion in his or her lifetime including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, and holidays.

    All those honored in this program will be remembered in monthly Masses celebrated with faculty and students at The Saints Academy.

    “You shall be enriched in every way for your generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God.”  ~2Corinthians 9:11