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  • Return to School Update

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 8/5/2020

    Saints Academy Families,

    Currently, The Saints Academy intends to open face to face 5 full days this September.  At any point in time, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, the Mayor of Beverly, or the Governor of Massachusetts could alter these plans.  We will continue to work with the Beverly Board of Health, The CSO, and DESE to make sure we are following all safety protocols.  We want to do what is best for our community.

    We will need to push back our start date until Wednesday, September 9th (this will not affect the close of school in June).  This will give the teachers time to gather together and prepare for the upcoming school year.  They have all been busy this summer helping with reopening plans, training in technology and social emotional skills, and/or tutoring students.  We, as a school, will take this extra time to share what all have learned in their trainings, meet with Debra Gansenberg (head of New Beginnings) about anxiety and stress due to Covid, and go over all protocols necessary to keep everyone safe.  The Beverly Public Schools, like the announcement on most public schools, will be delaying their start as well - most likely a week after us (9/16).  This will affect our students that use the bus for transportation (if there are buses - I do not believe they will begin until BPS does).  If you are a family that takes the bus, you should have registered (an email was sent) and they will let you know what they are going to do about transportation.  Saints does not have control of their decision.

    School will be open, but it will look different.  We have set up classrooms so that students are socially distanced - 6 feet apart (in most cases and just under 6 where we couldn’t).  We have kept enrollment in most classes to 14 or 15 students (PreK will not be over 10 due to EEC guidelines at this time, Middle school classes will be split up all day to keep #s lower, and Grade 3 had more returning so we have moved them to a larger space.).  Students will need to wear masks.  Grades 2-8 are required by the state to wear them at all times, but there will be mask breaks and opportunities for students to be far enough apart (outside classes) where they should be able to take them off.  Students in PreK- grade 1 are allowed more time without masks, but please understand this is when they can be 6 feet apart or more.  Teachers will explain protocols as we begin the year.  During our meeting with the Board of Health, it was emphasized that masks are the best protection we all have at this time.  Each child should come to school with 2 masks daily and all must wear one as they enter and move throughout the building.   The teachers are all hoping to utilize our outdoor areas for classes, not just for specials (Gym, Art, and Music - maybe Spanish - will happen outside as much as possible).  We will have windows and doors in every classroom open, as long as the weather will allow.  Lunch and Recess will be outside (weather permitting). At this point in time, if students are not socially distanced, they are asked to wear masks during recess.  We need to adhere to stricter guidelines as we start the year and then we will be able to lessen them as the year progresses and things become safer.  

    We are also working on how to bring our classrooms home (live streaming/video) to anyone that does not feel comfortable returning to our building at this time.  We will have more details on this soon.

    As part of the reopening plan (which we will have out in the next few weeks), the teachers are creating remote learning plans.  These will include planned schedules and guidelines for expectations.  If we have to return to remote learning, we will be prepared and it will be much more structured than it was in the spring.  The teachers did an unbelievable job getting this going when it was so sudden and now have had time to plan and prepare in case it happens again.

    We understand that the decision to select traditional in-person instruction or virtual learning is highly personal and dependent on the unique circumstances each family faces.  We are committed to supporting you as best we can.

    In saying that, we need to know what you intend to do.  We have had much interest in our school in the past month.  We need to know whether you plan to return to the building, take part in virtual learning, or if your family will not be returning to Saints Academy this fall.  Take a moment to complete the survey so that we can best service our full community and also know if we have space to accommodate any new students.

    Complete this survey by Tuesday, Aug. 11th: https://forms.gle/VZ2UM8qQ5Vw3qhQq9

    Thank you

    Kelly Fernald


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  • June 24, 2020 Update

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 6/24/2020

    The INITIAL guidance was shared yesterday from the Department of Elementary and Secondary

    Education (DESE). It was promising as it is directed at getting our students back into the schools.

    We have a committee of faculty and staff (including nurses and facilities) in place to create the three plans required (remote, hybrid, and reopening) by DESE and most importantly planning our safe return to school.

    We still plan to open full time on September 1st.

    To help us plan and to understand what our families are thinking, please fill out this survey by July 1st: https://forms.gle/kgk2j2Tycc425iJh9


    I will know more as the summer progresses and I will keep families posted as I get more information.

    Thank you for your continued support of The Saints Academy

    Kelly Fernald

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  • End of the Year Updates

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 6/12/2020

    Saints Academy Parents:

    DESE/EEC (Department of Ed/Early Education) Guidelines
    I know that many of you have seen the guidelines that came out last week. These requirements are for daycares and summer programs that are opening NOW. Within the last week, they have already altered or modified some of the guidelines. Requirements for the fall have not been set in place yet.

    Things will continue to change over the summer. We have created a committee at
    Saints that includes: our school nurses, facilities, teachers, and administration to look at all the guidelines and create a re-entry plan. Please understand that this plan (most likely plans) will change as more information and guidance is given. We will do what is best for our children and community.

    We are all praying (and it is our intention) that we will be back together in our school building come September 1st.

    Summer activities - Most teachers have placed the activities for summer with the students’
    personal items that you will pick up next week. Please look these over before you get
    overwhelmed. The teachers and I have been talking since April vacation about how to allow our students to keep reading and practice math skills without stressing them out more. We know that everyone is burnt out from this time of remote learning and so much screen time. I think you will be happy with what each teacher has come up with. If the summer activities are not with their belongings, then we will either email or mail them to you. School supply lists will be posted on the school website (I will send a link) when they are all completed.

    Tuition contracts are being finalized next week so that payments may begin in July. Please go
    on to Parent Portal and review the payment plan you have chosen (Go to Financial, then
    Financial Home, view details - it will list when and how many payments). If you need to make
    any changes, please let us know early next week.

    Some reminders for pick up/drop off day: All Chromebooks and chargers must be returned.
    Please return any school owned textbooks or tradebooks that your child has at home.
    Basketball uniforms must be returned. There will be a lost and found table as well as containers for donations of gently used uniforms.

    Monday, June 15th should have been Field Day - Do something fun outside (maybe use those
    May challenge games from Mrs. Rodriguez) and share with us how you're celebrating Field Day
    at home!
    We would also love to hear from you over the summer! Please send us pictures or videos of
    what you are doing or places you are visiting. We will be posting these on our social media
    sites throughout the summer with the hashtag #sasummervacation

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  • Resources to talk to your children about race and racism

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 6/9/2020

    I wanted to offer some resources to help you talk to your children, should you choose, about race and racism.

    Some I received from the National Catholic Education Assoc (NCEA)

    Educational Resources from USCCB on Combatting Racism 

    Empowering young people in the aftermath of hate (article by the Anti Defamation League):  https://www.adl.org/education/resources/tools-and-strategies/empowering-young-people-in-the-aftermath-of-hate-in  

    Video about How you treat others online (elementary - more about name calling then race, but appropriate for our younger students): https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship/lesson/the-power-of-words from Common Sense education

    And from other resources:

    Common Sense Media resources on race and racism (suggested by NCEA and Indie Flix): https://www.commonsensemedia.org/blog/common-sense-media-resources-about-race-and-racism

    Another resource for books (separate from NCEA resources):   https://www.readbrightly.com/

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  • Mass Schedule for June 13 & 14

    Posted by Amy Burke on 6/8/2020


    Masses for June 13 – 14, 2020

    ATTENTION: Please note below that you must register in advance to attend one of the Masses.

    Dear Parishioners,

    As you know, we have begun to resume our life of public worship in a limited fashion. We are deeply grateful for the dedication of our staff members and volunteers who have enabled our first Masses to go as smoothly and prayerfully and safely as possible.

    Once again, we wish to emphasize that those whose health or age puts them at a higher risk for catching the Covid-19 virus, or who do not yet feel ready to attend public gatherings will be safer at home instead of at Mass. Cardinal O’Malley has extended the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass for the foreseeable future, and we will continue to live-stream one Mass each weekend for those at home.

    This coming weekend, June 13 – 14, our Mass schedule will be as follows:

    • Saturday, June 13 – Public Mass will be offered at 4:00 pm at ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH. (This Mass will also be live-streamed on facebook.com/BeverlyCatholic. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can watch these live-streamed Masses.)


    • Sunday, June 14 – Public Mass will be offered at 8:00 AM and 12:00 noon at ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH.


    • Sunday, June 14 – Public Mass will be offered at 10:00 AM at ST. MARY CHURCH.

    As our need and capacity to expand our Collaborative Mass schedule evolves, we continue to ask for your patience and understanding. The organization and planning of this slow-roll out is demanding, but necessary.

    The safety protocols that we must observe during Mass include:

    • Wearing a mask covering nose and mouth in the church. (Exceptions are a medical condition that precludes the wearing of a mask; children under the age of 2; children between the ages of 2 – 5 at the parents’ discretion; priest, deacon and lector while serving in the sanctuary.)
    • Proper social distancing. Seating will be from the front of the church toward the back. Please follow the directions of the ushers.
    • Observance of signs indicating permissible seating and direction in the church.
    • No congregational singing during Mass.
    • Reception of Holy Communion in the hand only.
    • No social gatherings either before or after Mass, including in the parking lot.
    • Church will be cleaned after each Mass.

    SEATING IS VERY LIMITED. Families who quarantined together can sit together but there must be at least 6 feet of distance between families and other groups and/or between individuals at all times.

    PLEASE CALL or EMAIL THE PARISH OFFICE BY FRIDAY, JUNE 12 NOON to arrange for a seat: (978) 922-5542. Please include the following information: Name; time of Mass, number of seats (single, or with other household members), return phone number and/or email address.

    An EXCELLENT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO is available at https://rcabrisk.org/welcome-back-video/

    With prayers for peace and blessing on all.

    Frs. David C. Michael, Timothy Kearney, Paul Wargovich

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  • Announcement Beverly Collaborative

    Posted by Amy Burke on 5/20/2020


    May 20, 2020

    “They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers” (Acts 2:42).

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    These past weeks have been a true spiritual sacrifice for many, and we rejoice in the news that, in the near future, we will be able to begin to resume our life of public worship! Thanks be to God!

    This joyful news is tempered by the fact that the Corona virus is still with us and that we must meet strict protocols mandated by the Commonwealth and the Archdiocese to ensure that we can accommodate public worship in a way that is as safe as possible.

    Given the demands of meeting these protocols, and out of an abundance of caution, our plan is to work toward an opening date of the weekend of May 31.

    In accord with Archdiocesan recommendations, we are planning to provide a slow roll-out of Sunday Mass, phased in over several weeks and months. This measured approach will mean an adjustment for all of us and we ask for your prayerful support and, especially, for your kind patience and understanding.

    We have already begun to address the needs necessary for the opening of Mass and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the details as they emerge.

    In the meantime, please allow us to say a sincere word of deepest gratitude to all staff members and parishioners – and they are many – who have helped us through these demanding days. We continue to implore God in our prayers for all of you, for all who have been affected by the pandemic and, especially, for those who have died.

    St. Margaret of Scotland, Saint John the Evangelist, St. Mary Star of the Sea, pray for us!

    God bless you all!

    Fr. David Michael and Fr. Tim Kearney.

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  • Helpful Information Coping with Covid

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 5/11/2020
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  • Internet Safety

    Posted by Kelly Fernald on 5/4/2020

    Project Safe Childhood, the program from the Dept of Justice that came in the fall to speak to our students in grades 3-8 about internet safety, shared this with us.  

    Internet Safety

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  • School Closure Update

    Posted by Amy Burke on 4/21/2020

    By now everyone has heard the disappointing yet necessary decision that school buildings are to remain closed for the rest of the school year.  This decision was made to keep all of us safe.  The teachers and I were hopeful, but realistically we knew this was more than a possibility.  We have been discussing contingency plans for the past few weeks. Teachers have already been looking over the curriculum and figuring out what they need to cover before the end of the year so that they could plan out the rest of our remote learning time.  

    I wanted all of you to know that we are here for you. Administration, teachers, Mrs. Lagadinos, and our nurses are all available if needed.  Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help your family through this time.

    We will have more information on May and June events soon.  We are already working out details for what can be postponed to the fall, what must be cancelled, and what we need to be more creative with.  I will be reaching out soon to share and discuss further.

    I know everyone keeps saying this, but we will get through this together.  We are Saints Academy.  

    Please try to enjoy the rest of this week’s break.  And we will continue with remote learning, Monday April 27th.

    Thank you.

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  • A note from the School Nurses

    Posted by Amy Burke on 4/14/2020

    To the families of The Saints Academy,

    We are sending this email in hopes that everyone is adjusting to the new normal during this Pandemic. It is more important than ever to follow the guidelines set forth by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts to decrease the incidence and flatten the curve of Covid-19.
    It is our responsibility to maintain social distancing, be diligent with hand washing/disinfecting our homes and not sharing utensils, glasses, dishes etc...
    Eating healthy and getting enough exercise are extremely important to keep our immune systems healthy and strong as well as improving our moods. Find ways to add small amounts of physical activity to your day. 
    We hope remote learning is going well. Please stay healthy and send pictures so we can see you from home. We miss you all and hope to see you soon.
    Warm regards,
    Kelly and Sian




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