• Queen Bees & Wannabes

    by Rosalind Wisemen Year Published: 2016
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  • Masterminds & Wingmen

    by Rosalind Wiseman Year Published: 2014
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  • The Gift of Failure

    by Jessica Lahey Year Published: 2015
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  • Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

    by Daniel Siegel Year Published: 2015
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  • The Worried Child

    by Paul Foxman Year Published: 2004

    Dr. Foxman outlines the spectrum of worry in children through the lens of culture and typical stages of development. This book is a helpful tool for any adult working with children who may have a tendency to worry a lot. 

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  • The Five Love Languages of Children

    by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell Year Published: 2012

    We intuitively know that our children are born with a certain temperament. The interaction between our child's temperament and our own can be both wonderful and challenging! Chapman and Ross outline the ways we can show love to our children in practical ways based on how they receive love. We often show love to others based on what makes us feel loved rather than how the other person receives love. We build stronger relationships with our children when we can identify and understand this dynamic. 

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  • Parenting With Love and Logic

    by Foster Cline and Jim Fay Year Published: 2006

    Cline and Fay present a practical approach to raising children that simultaneaously helps us avoid unnecessary power struggles with our children while building their true confidence and independence through a series of natural consequences. One of the best gifts we can give our children is the opportunity to learn from their mistakes within the loving support of their family system. This appraoch helps us do just that. They advocate strong limits in the context of powerful empathy. This combination helps decrease our own parenting stress while giving our children the skills they need to succeed in life. You can also check out more resources at www.loveandlogic.com .

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