• Algebra 3/20 - 3/24

    Posted by Rhonda Fears on 3/24/2017

    Arianna T. and Caitlyn M.

    As you have heard, the Saints Academy first auction went very well. The 8th grade was also selling t-shirts to buy there 8th grade class gift which consists of a BUDDY BENCH!!!!! We sold 55 t-shirts at the auction and have only sold 5 shirts out of our 120 t-shirt goal since the auction. Help us reach our goal by finding your local 8th grader and purchasing a t-shirt.

    On the other hand, we started math class this week by learnng the pythagorean theorem which at first was confusing but with a little practice we finally got it. We also celebrated pi day. Yaaayyyyyy!!! We celebrated by bringing in cylinders and found the volume, area, and circumference. We also got to do a P.O.W. Iit was about the difference between a men's basketball and a women's basketball. We did this to find if there was a difference between the basketball's going through the hoop. We found that contrary to popular belief that there is only a 1% difference between the basketball's.

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